By Harold Hill

ISBN-10: 0521381134

ISBN-13: 9780521381130

Harold Hill's lunar portfolio is a different selection of drawings now released for the 1st time. every one representation is supplemented with notes made on the time of commentary. Astronomical drawing nonetheless has a major position along images within the related manner that images has now not supplanted the artist within the fields of botany and ornithology, for instance. certainly, considering that astronomical photographs are likely to shimmer due to turbulence within the Earth's surroundings, drawings built by way of an artist who takes good thing about the fleeting moments of ideal imaginative and prescient are usually extra special than photos. nobody can fail to be inspired through the wonder and artistry of this paintings and, to the initiated, the accuracy and a spotlight to element is notable. this can be a ebook for astronomers, novice alike, and should you might easily wish to comprehend extra concerning the moon.

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Content material: v. 1, pt. 1. advent, nomenclature, evaluate literature, organic features, business makes use of, less-common heteroatoms / editor, Otto Meth-Cohn -- v. 2, pt. 2A. 6-membered jewelry with one nitrogen atom / editors, A. John Boulton and Alexander McKillop -- v. three, pt. 2B. 6-membered with oxygen, sulfur or or extra nitrogen atoms / editors, A.

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25 QUAD. I SECT. 3 REGION 10 The South-Eastern 'Corner' of the Mare Crisium Region Many pages of this portfolio could be devoted to discussion and illustration of the features of this compellingly attractive lunar sea and its rugged surrounds but, for reasons of space limitation, there are restrictions on what can appear. Auzout delta. AGARUM S E CORNER MARE SEQUENCE ON THE & OF CRISIUM Some of the inconsistencies which are evident in the shapes and positions of the peaks receiving the last rays of the Sun may be due in part to variations in the direction of incident light coupled with the changing values of colongitude and, for this reason, the relevant data are added to each drawing.

As sunset approaches, however, they become easy objects, particularly at the N and S faces of the mountain where they are thrown into stark relief by the low westering Sun (see drawings). There are few, if any, isolated mountain masses on the Moon which display dusky bands in such a marked form and it would be tempting to embrace some form of erosive agency as accountable were it not for the difficulties associated with such an explanation. It has been claimed that summit craterlets exist on Alhazen alpha and that the bands could be lavaflowsfrom these.

Burrell. The observation of 1986 September 18 which is illustrated here was made just after Full Moon with strong libration from the E limb. The Sun has set on the eastern side of the Mare and the surface which remains visible shows that it is strewn with craters, craterlets, a number of obscure rings, ridges and small hills - all greatly foreshortened. Although the western border seems to be of no great height, the shadows encroach rapidly so that by colongitude 95°-96° they are pronounced, and what is left of the Mare is very dark.

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